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About Us

About Our Restaurant

O.Onigiri, the first restaurant in Las Vegas serving fresh Okinawa-style Onigiri is here! Located in Shanghai Plaza on Spring Mountain Road, O.Onigiri is centrally located and minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Okinawa-style Onigiri is traditional comfort food for the people of Okinawa, often found at every convenience store and Bento shop in Okinawa.

This delicious O.Onigiri is different from the typical triangular Onigiri. The O.Onigiri is filled with spam, egg omelet, and extra ingredients like seafood, meats, and veggie options can be added for more deliciousness!

At O.Onigiri, each item is prepared at the time of order so our customers can enjoy fresh and hot treats, and quickly for those who are on the go.